Depending on where you live coal can be cheaper per BTU than pellets. A Coal insert is a quality product that will save you money on your heating bill. Can be easily installed into your drafty fireplace. Usually only need to be tended twice a day.

Coal stoves can be hand fired radiant stoves, simple and cheap. They can also be auto feed, thermostatically controlled units that have the feed motors, feed paddles, and simple rheostats. Most are less complex than  a pellet insert. There is every variation between.

If you prefer burning wood, a Steel or Cast Iron wood fireplace insert is a quality product that will add value to your home, save you money on your heating bill and create a memorable space in your home. You can easily insert  into your existing masonry fireplace and stop losing as much as 90% of your fire’s heat up the chimney! With a high-efficiency  wood fireplace insert you can enjoy a clean burning and efficient heater.

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Gas Inserts

No more drafty fireplaces! Save money by turning down your furnace and zone heating with a Energy Gas Insert. Enjoy consistent, controllable heat even during power outages. Add value and efficiency to your home with a gas insert. Easy to operate with choice of switch, thermostatically operated remote control. A Blower assists in moving the heat out into your living area.

Wood Inserts


Coal Inserts